About Us

We are in Blairsville, Georgia in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.

At Unity Church of the Mountains you will find laughter, love, and lightheartedness as we live God’s Joy for each other.

You will find a deep reverence for the sacred presence of the Divine.

We typically have about 50 – 60 attendees at our weekly service… and we’re growing.

Unity Church of the Mountains’ Sunday Service and Children’s Service are at 10:30 a.m.

UNC’s Core Values & Value Statements

Wisdom – We listen to the Voice of God as our Source of understanding, based on the Christ Truth within.

Fulfillment – We live from a positive view of the world and celebrate our oneness with God.

Education – We draw forth from within, the deep truths of God through meditation and prayer.

Spirituality – We turn to the Christ Within for guidance and active communication.

Love – We express unconditional love, looking for the good everywhere and in everyone.

Acceptance – We embrace all people as expressions of God without exception.

Compassion – We strive to live with an understanding heart prompted by love and mercy for all.

Our Vision Statement

“God, manifesting as each of us, transforms the world through shared spiritual awakening and ever-expanding Love.”

Our Mission Statement

“Unity Church of the Mountains is a loving, inclusive, and thriving community that encourages spiritual growth through the practice of prayer, acts of joyful service, and the acknowledgement of God as the source of all life.”

Our Board of Trustees guides us through day-to-day operations. The Board of Trustees meets the fourth Sunday of the month, after church. Our board members:

Unity Church of the MountainsJesus Christ
Beverly Moore
Rick Volker
Donna Curry
Rachel Saphir
Bob Sleczowski
Travis Holtzclaw
Harry Dahl



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