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Sunday, March 7, 10:30 a.m. service —

Mike Davis

The Inside Scoop — Mike Davis  — 

The wisdom of the ages. The meaning of life. The reason we’re here, and why we human the way we do. Yes, I just used “human” as a verb. Just this once, I promise. As we continue our yearlong exploration of the Twelve Powers, we look at the power of wisdom for the month of March. Have you heard of the “DIKW Pyramid?” It’s the hierarchy of values: data, information, knowledge and wisdom, in ascending order of importance. Suppose, though what if we thought of it as a spiral instead of a hierarchy?? What would that look like? Would it deepen our understanding, or bring us closer to God? Would it change things? Join us this Sunday to learn more.

Join us on Facebook Live at 10:30 a.m. Our sanctuary is now closed as we pass this time of Coronavirus.

We’re watching carefully to see how COVID 19 is trending, and so for now we are doing virtual services only. The health and safety of our community is supremely important, and we take that seriously!

We will continue to monitor and reassess as we go. In the meanwhile, thank you for being part of our online services. God is good, and hope is strong. Have faith, my friends.

— Mike Davis, Ministry Coordinator


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