We’re Interviewing!

Rev. Danny Spears

Mike Davis

Unity Church of the Mountains is happy to announce that Rev. Danny Spears and Music Minister Mike Davis are candidates in our minister selection process. Rev. Spears delivered a Sunday message on November 17.

Mr. Davis will speak on December 1 on the topic “Angels Among Us.” Some of us rarely acknowledge that there really are angels. Many of us know they exist and engage with them throughout our daily lives. One question that may be asked, “Are there guiding angels in your life?” or “What do angels look like to you?” Some may also ask, “Do you feel that angels watch over you?” and “Are you an angel who watches and protects others?” There is a lot to ponder here. Join us as we explore and experience “Angels Among Us.”

Both Rev. Spears and Mike Davis will be teaching a lesson on one of the five Unity Principles.

UCM’s Minister Search team cordially invites you to join us on these dates as we prayerfully continue along on our selection path.


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