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Loving Our Neighbor

At Unity Church of the Mountains, we practice and live prosperity principles.

We affirm and expect good in all our affairs, and we are grateful for that.

But occasionally, in the flow of life, stuff happens, even to the most faithful. A tree comes down, a pipe bursts, even a fender bender: the unexpected happens. We can all use a little boost now and then, and this fund is established for that purpose.


We asked our membership and attendees to open their hearts to contribute to our goal of $2,000. Within weeks, we EXCEEDED our goal! We are so very grateful for the generosity of our church family.

​As we replenish and administer our ‘Pennies from Heaven’ fund,

we are also building our consciousness of oneness.

Thank you for stepping up, for your spirit of caring and sharing.

We have shown ourselves to be love.

God is good, and we are richly blessed.

Donations are held in a separate account, administered by our treasurer, Mike Rizner. Decisions about allocations

are made by Mike Davis, our Ministry Coordinator, with input and oversight from the Board of Trustees.

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